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Malayalam Movie Ladies Tailor

The movie is about a tailor who falls love in with a beautiful girl, to which her father, an evil butcher objects to. The movie depicts the value of literacy and shows the ill effects of illiteracy existed in Northern Kerala in the early 1990s.

malayalam movie Ladies Tailor

Lazy tailor Sundaram, who believes astrology a lot, is told that his fate changes if he marries a girl with a mole on the right thigh. His profession of being a ladies tailor seems like a nice ploy to identify such a woman among those that knew him well enough in the village. He tries to find if the woman would be one of the three women that grow close to him - Nagamani, Daya, or Neelaveni - but it's none of them. The local goon Venkataratnam's assistant Seenu is awaiting his boss's release from the prison, and keeps a watchful eye on Sundaram, as his antics seem to be close to sexual harrassment, which Venkataratnam detests. While innocent Sundaram falls in love with the newly arrived Sujatha teacher, Venkataratnam's mentally retarded sister Sundari, who is also close to Sundaram, gets pregnant. How Sundaram clears himself off Seenu's suspicions and convinces Sujatha to get married forms the rest of the story that starts off as a comedy flick and slowly turns into a suspsense thriller without losing the comedy flavour.

Thanks to the magic of Bharani, his guest role got a lot of attention! ...Most part of the movie was done in and around Rajolu, Thatipaka, and Manepalli of West Godavari district. While Rajendra Prasad's house was in Manepalli, Y. Vijaya's house was in the interior of another village. When we finished the shoot, we realized that it was of shorter duration than we hoped and shot additional scenes at Arunchala Studio in Madras. These shots include the ones with cameraman Dham, the dreaming of King, and so on. Tailors of our childhood times used to wear pajamahs and shirts that were stitched together from the cut pieces from other tailored clothing. That's what we showed in the movie 25 years ago, but now things have changed drastically; they are more fashionable than most city-dwellers today. Ilayaraja was very busy at that time and we were so hard-pressed for time that we could not halt shooting until he finished composing. Thus, I went ahead and shot the song "ekkaDa yekkaDa..." keeping in mind his way of music composing, and he composed the song based on the visuals.

I knew tammuDu Satyam and Saibaba from the time I used to work at Oriental Insurance. We used to play carroms in the evenings. Once Saibaba introduced his friend and film writer Thota Sainath at a time our ideas to make a film were shaping. Through Sainath, we went to Vamsy after he had a successful debut in the form of Sitaara and expressed our interest. A project shaped among us and we prepared a story for Kamal Hasan, under the tentative title Soundaryalahari. Everything was going well, but Kamal asked us to first make our debut with another movie before we went to sets with Soundaryalahari. We thus planned another story about a tailor's kid running away from home with just a lantern ...a typical rags to riches story. At that time, Vamsy started working for Aalaapana, and we used to go to the sets to generally learn how he directs a film and so on a chance for us to gain some experience too. We met Tanikella Bharani there, and Bharani told us the story of Ladies Tailor while Vamsy was busy with filming Aalaapana. Soon, he had penned numerous versions of dialogues ready for the film - so many versions that we could possibly make four or five more movies with the same story! The film went to sets and finished shoot in 29 days.


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