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Nim In Action VERIFIED

Dr. Nim is a toy invented by John Thomas Godfrey[1] and manufactured by E.S.R., Inc. in the mid-1960s. It consists of a marble-powered plastic computer capable of playing the game of Nim. The machine selects its moves through the action of the marbles falling through the levers of the machine.

Nim in Action


Healthcare professionals and consumers may report adverse reactions or quality problems they experienced using these devices to MedWatch: The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program using an online form, regular mail, or FAX.

In many cases, NIM prevents operations on a target object when the object is not in the ready state, indicating that it is "ready" for a NIM operation. (This is meant to ensure that you are aware of the current state of the object before performing an operation on it.) If you set the force option for an operation to "on," when the action is initiated, the state of the target object is ignored so that the operation can be performed on it. Initiating the action in this manner may interrupt operations running on the target machine.

  • Select the default force action you prefer, and click OK.

The selection you make here has no effect beyond setting the initial default in each of the dialogs where force is an option. You always have the option to change the force setting from within a dialog.

  • Follow the TaskGuide instructions to configure the NIM environment. Click More Info for help in many panels.

Unconfiguring the NIM environment This action completely unconfigures the NIM master by removing the nimesis and nimd daemon entries from the System Resource Controller (SRC) and removing all user-defined NIM objects from the nim_attr and nim_object databases. The NIM master should only be unconfigured if the NIM environment is to be completely redefined or if the NIM master fileset is to be removed from the system.

The backup action saves the NIM database and the /etc/niminfo file to a backup device or file you specify or select. The level of the installed NIM master fileset will also be written to a file called /etc/NIM.level and saved in the backup. A backup of a NIM database should only be restored to a system with a NIM master fileset that is at the same level or a higher level than the level from which the backup was created.

In Web-based System Manager NIM, machine groups are created "on the fly"; that is, machine groups are not explicitly created and managed, but ad hoc grouping is supported by multi-selecting the icons representing machines in the NIM container. Once selected, a group of machines can be administered by selecting an action from the Selected menu.

Different types of machines have different actions available to them. For example, software can be installed on standalone machines only. Initialization resources are set for diskless or dataless machines only. If you multi-select machines that are of different types, only actions common to all of those machine types will be available.

If you want to perform another type of verification, click Advanced. Select the type of verification to perform and choose additonal options as needed, then click OK to return to the Verify Installed Software dialog. Click OK again to initiate the verify action and close the Verify Installed Software dialog, or click Apply to perform the verification and leave the dialog open (in case you want to perform another type of verification).

The reset action is used to change a machine's control state (Cstate) or a SPOT's resource state (Rstate) to ready, so that NIM operations can be performed on the client machine or the SPOT can be used in NIM operations. A reset may be required if a previous operation stopped before it completed successfully.

Note: A SPOT created in the /usr filesystem of a server machine also possesses a special directory in which client-specific files are stored. If failures occur installing software into the "root-part" of a "/usr-SPOT," it may be necessary to perform the above Synchronize action, even if there are no diskless or dataless clients using the SPOT. 041b061a72


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