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Tickling Teen Girls

It's difficult to judge from a distance. People vary tremendously in terms of physical expression. Your son-in-law may come from a family which is more physically playful than yours, and so his behavior seems unnatural to you. Tickling and rough-housing really can be great ways for people to be close, provided everyone enjoys it and it isn't sexual. However, if he is touching his daughter or son in sexual places, it is wrong and should be stopped. Most important is how your granddaughter feels. Does she giggle and seem to be having fun or does she try to get away? If she seems uneasy about the tickling, he should stop. Ask her if it bothers her.

tickling teen girls


If you think there is a problem, decide whether to speak with him directly or to talk with your daughter. Say that you are hesitant to intervene but noticed that your granddaughter seemed uncomfortable with her father's tickling and you think it is because she is going through puberty. If there is someone else they would hear advice from more easily, try to arrange it. If you are still concerned and your daughter ignores the problem, seek professional advice.

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