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HACK Icon Experience - All Collections 1-6

Video game giant Nintendo experienced a breach that affected 160,000 users. The issues began in early April when hackers gained access to login IDs and passwords to Nintendo accounts. Malicious actors gained access to nicknames, emails, birth dates, and country of residence. Even worse, some accounts experienced fraudulent purchases.

HACK Icon Experience - All Collections 1-6

On the 24th of June it was reported that NASA had experienced a significant security incident. According to this report, an unauthorized individual managed to access NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, making off with highly sensitive information. The hacker supposedly went undetected for 10 months and had access to many critical projects - including details about NASA's Curiosity Rover.

Just a day after Quest Diagnostics announced its breach, another company dealing with highly sensitive medical records announced a major security incident. According to USA Today, Labcorp was also using the collections firm American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), which experienced a supposed breach earlier this month. Specifics are hard to come by, but names, addresses, dates of birth, and balance information are likely among the compromised data.


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