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What is SBI Platinum Debit Card? SBI Bank Offers multiple variants of International debit cards for individuals. The platinum debit card is one of the popular cards by SBI.

It is suitable for individuals who want cashback points on deals via spending. moreover, the debit card comes with free lounge access for good travel support.

In addition, it is a decent card For applicants who want to shift their purchasing into cashless.

it provides 2 SBI RewardZ points per spending more than 200 rupees. which is quite beneficial for cardholders. moreover, free lounge access and a limit of 2 lakh purchasing on international that are quite well reason to its popularity.

  1. For Purchasing through more than 52 Lakh preferred merchant stores in India

  2. For International usage, transactions through 30 million worldwide stores.

  3. You can withdraw cash from State Bank of India ATM Machines or other ATMs in India

  4. it offers a Higher limit of per day 1 Lakh on Withdrawing Cash over all countries.

  5. it enables shopping from e-commerce stores in India and outside of India.

  6. The Debit Card is accessible in different variants like VISA, MASTERCARD, And Rupay.

  7. it enables earning reward points on movie tickets, online shopping, grocery spending, and lifestyle purchasing etc.

Who is Eligibile For This State Bank of India Platinum International Debit Card?

To get The Debit Card, The individual must be a resident of India or a non-resident of India. Above All, The applicants should hold one of the following options –

  1. Saving Account

  2. Current Account in SBI For Get The Debit Card

  3. Salary Account

  4. A Online SAVING Account Like – Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account

How to Apply For SBI Platinum Debit Card OR How You Get delivered to your doorstep

To Get The SBI International Debit Card, The Applicant should have to open an account in the State of India. A Salary, Current, Or Saving Account must be required to get this Debit Card. Once, your account will be opened successfully.

Here are the necessary documents for opening an account in the State Bank of India.

Moreover, All you need to do is To Submit A Online Application. or the Account holders can visit the nearest branch of SBI Bank.


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